Tackle Bad Smells Head On

With up to 20,000 litres of air passing through your nose each day[1], your brain is bombarded with an array of smells - and not all of them pleasant. Out of the 10,000 different scents our noses can pick up[2], there are going to be those that we would rather not encounter, especially on a daily basis.

The brain has a natural filter to adapt to smells which are constantly around us, allowing us to focus on new and unique smells which could present a potential threat. This is also known as sensory adaptation[3], and can lead to homes growing increasingly smelly, as lingering odours go unnoticed by their occupants.

Air Wick IRL - Get rid of bad smells in your home

So what are some of the bad smells around our home and how can new Pure aerosol from Air Wick® help?

Getting enough fresh air?

New research found, on average, children were playing outside for just over four hours a week, compared to over eight hours a week when their parents were children[4]. With children staying inside for longer periods of time, more often, the home’s air quality is more important than ever.

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but opening your windows for just a few minutes will flush out any stale, musty air and restore air circulation. There is no “right amount” of fresh air we should get each day, but ideally you should be airing your home out daily for at least five minutes (even in winter) to improve the air quality.

Reduce humidity and condensation

Bathrooms and kitchens are usually the main problem areas that contribute to humidity in the home.[5] Humidity over long periods of time means your home is more prone to mould and mildew build-ups which can leave you with an unpleasant damp smell. If you have poor air flow in your home, humidity will rest on walls and the corner of rooms – the coldest areas of the home[6].

Humid and stale air is considered ‘heavy’ and can be particularly bad for family members with asthma and other allergies as it harbours fungus, moulds and dust mites – all triggers for asthma sufferers. How to get rid of damp smells? Installing ventilation and keeping a look out for signs of mould will save time and money in the long run as prolonged humidity can damage your home through the spread of mould[7]. And of course use Pure Mediterranean Sun can help remove the bad smell and give your room an invigorating burst of freshness.

Downgrade the size of your bins

Having a large bin in the kitchen can be a blessing when it means you don’t have to brave the outside to take it out as often, but with big bins come nasty odours. Having a stockpile of thrown away food waste inside your home can result in build-up of potent bad odours that even the best of bins can’t contain. And were not just talking food waste either.

A teenager’s bedroom is often off limits to the family as large dirty laundry bins can leave smells in the spaces it occupies. The scent of last week’s socks creeping out the laundry bin for all to experience is a sign you need to downsize. It sounds like more work, but by doing so, downsizing can help you keep on top of the house chores; little and often is better than a lengthy deep clean which can take up a whole day! If you find your bins building up bad odours, Air Wick® can help remove and replace bad odours with a range of exciting new scents such as Pure Spring Delight.

Control bad pet smells

As with all bad smells, our brains can adapt to treat lingering pet smells around the home as the norm, which can prove embarrassing when guests come over. Finding the source of the bad odours can be difficult, but with the right tools even the slightest trace of a smelly pet can be found and cleaned up.

With an inexpensive black light (found in most home improvement stores for a reasonable price), you can spot and mark with sticky tape the traces of urine that show up under the florescent lighting. Just make sure the room is dark when the UV black light is shining for best results. You can read our full list of tips on how to keep pet smells under control here. Air Wick® Pure aerosols are safe to use in areas where your pet may go*around pets as there is less residue compared to other Air Wick® aerosols from the spray action.

Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean shouldn’t seem like an impossible task by adopting the ‘little and often’ ethos to cleaning and chores. Use Pure as the finishing touch to any home.



*Always keep aerosols out of reach of children and pets


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