Pure Air Freshener: The Latest Innovation from Air Wick

One of the main frustrations with using traditional aerosol air fresheners is the water-based mist that can fall on surfaces, making them wet. This is the main difference between Air Wick® Pure and other traditional aerosol air fresheners – fragrance with less wet residue.

Pure is the latest innovation of premium aerosols from Air Wick that uses a new formula with no added water so you can immerse yourself with captivating fragrances in your home.

How does it work?

Pure uses a propellant and long lasting fragrance packaged under pressure in a sealed container. Unlike traditional aerosol air fresheners[1], the fragrance in Air Wick Pure air fresheners is dispersed through pressurised air, instead of a mist of water-based droplets. This means you can give your home a long lasting burst of fragrance as and when you feel, without risking water downfall that results in sticky surfaces. 

What makes Pure different?

Air Wick prides itself on product innovation by developing great ideas that help people lead healthier lives. After listening to your frustrations with traditional air fresheners, Air Wick set about developing something not seen before in shops as air fresheners in the past have always relied on water-based molecules to carry the fragrance.

Unlike most air fresheners that are water-based, Air Wick Pure neutralises odours with less wet fall out, avoiding the undesirable wet mist or diluted scent which standard aerosols may produce. This ensures a unique fragrance experience, every time you use it, without any of the annoyance.

New Air Wick Pure also has a distinctive new look which stands out from the crowd with strong, deep colours to differentiate fragrances. The ergonomic trigger spray has also been designed to feel natural in the hand.

Is it safe to use around pets and children?

Although you should avoid spraying near pets and children you can still use the spray in areas where they may go.*

Who should use Air Wick Pure?

Air Wick Pure is for anyone that is looking to give their room a burst of fragrance in an instant, but with less wet residue. Air fresheners have typically lived in areas of the home where unpleasant smells are most commonly found, for example the bathroom. With Air Wick Pure it can be used anywhere in the home you feel needs a burst of fragrance, rather than just trying to cover up an unpleasant smell.  

The compact spray bottle can be easily moved around your home and can work to freshen and neutralise odours from any room. If you are short of time, want an extra burst of freshness or have some unexpected guests turn up at your door, Pure can efficiently help tackle bad smells so your home smells great - ready for any occasion.

When should you use Pure?

Air Wick Pure can be used to refresh and revive your room, as well as to create the perfect environment for any occasion, such as Christmas, having friends over or when you want to relive your favourite holiday. To find the best fragrance for your mood use the Air Wick Pinwheel.

What fragrances are available?

There is a multitude of fragrances including:

  • Cherry Blossom
  • Spring Delight
  • Mediterranean Sun
  • White Vanilla
  • Purple Lavender

Fragrance, emotion and memory are all interlinked in the brain[2], meaning each fragrance can help transport you to somewhere completely different[3]. Where will Air Wick Pure take you?

You can find the full range here.


*Remember to keep out of the reach of children and pets and keep away from heat as the pressurised canister is extremely flammable.

Use as directed and see all safety information on Pure cans.


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