Decorative & Solid Room Fresheners FAQs

1. How long do the Air Wick Crystal Air units last?

The Air Wick Crystal Air freshener lasts 4 weeks.

2. Is Crystal Air just like an ordinary gel air freshener?

No. A common problem with some ordinary gels is that, while they initially smell strong, the fragrance fades. Crystal Air, however, provides 4 weeks of consistent and effective fragrance because it is made using advanced 'Hyperscent' technology.

3. How do I know when to replace my Crystal Air?

Crystal Air is so effective because it draws its scent from the gel. As it does so, the gel should shrink and separate. This is quite normal and is a sign that you should replace your Crystal Air.

4. What scents are available?

The Air Wick Crystal Air range comes in a variety of fragrances. Please visit sitemap to explore all our products and fragrances.

5. Where should I keep my Crystal Air?

The Crystal Air comes in a variety of different colours and fragrances, perfect for any room! We suggest you keep it away from heat, and on a flat surface.